I watch the financial markets daily and occasionally see an article that stands out as reckless. 

We all know who coined the term “fake news” and while that was never shocking with the cable news networks, I somehow naively thought the financial news was off-limits to this trend.   Some of us have to learn the hard way.   One of the strongest financial sectors of the world and perhaps the most international, it’s understandable why a story like this might be found on travel advisory sites, maybe even linked through popular travel booking sites.  But CNBC?   

There has been much disagreement on the handling of Covid amongst different countries and of course even internally.  Heck even my neighbors are on a radically different side of the fence.  But regardless of opinion, to flag a warning on a financial news site against one of the premier summer travel destinations of the world just because the author (or puppet masters, aka powers to be) disagrees with the reopening of the Kingdom has to call into question, the ulterior motive here.  Perhaps she should wait until the data comes out (and verifiable data, not just another journo’s op-ed) before penning (and publishing) a clear intent-to-cause-damage piece.  Full disclosure, I am not English and I do love the country.  

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