What once was the largest retailer in the world (since passed by Amazon), Walmart is still hanging on for the podium.  A much more conservative organization by its Walton family roots, the Arkansas giant has come a long way from the Walmart I knew growing up in the 80’s.  With a recent acquisition tear and a major step-up with their e-commerce business, Wally World is 100% pure Americana and has had its fair share of issues over the years.   But it appears now they are stepping into the world of Crypto with the recent advertisement that they are seeking a crypto expert to join their executive suite of high-rollers.  If we are reading between the lines, it means Walmart is exploring getting into the business of accepting Crypto.  I read somewhere that they are already paying some of their overseas vendors in Crypto, which is likely because it’s cheaper and more efficient than messing with the old banking system….and/or the economy their vendors live in have a corrupted, weak currency.   Whatever.  The point is, Walmart and Amazonm the two largest retail behemoths on the planet, have both publically come out and said they are exploring diving into Cryptocurrencies.   With two publically traded high-profile companies like this, you can only imagine the Crypto world’s reaction once they formally announce ‘they are in’.   It will make Elon and Tesla  feel very small.  A massive run is coming and now is the time to get on board.  Whether a business or individual investor, we can help you with the best solutions on the market in payments and AI trading.  Get in touch:


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