is reporting that Russian Central Bank ‘asks’ Stock Exchanges not to list Cryptocurrency firms.  As you can probably tell by the number of posts on government-related stories, I always find these fascinating since ‘regulation’ affects so much in the finance world.   I’ve linked the original article below and want to note that this ‘ask’ is targeting the prevention of retail investors from diving into foreign crypto firm investments (not institutional investors).  What’s ironic about this story is twofold:

First, some of the brightest minds in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are Russian.  Ever heard of Ethereum?  It’s the brainchild of Russian-born Mr. Vitalik Buteri.   And Second, and this one is my personal opinion and not a very popular one in my immediate circles…but nonetheless:  US media unfairly portrays Russia.  I am not going to elaborate on this subject so I stay on point, but we all know the bias media has an agenda and the Russian narrative here in the US has always annoyed me.  The bottom line; The Central Bank ‘asked’.  How often do you read this kind of headline?  (Yes, I realized is also a news site/media).  All central banks have come out at one time or another against Cryptocurrencies. It’s disruptive and threatening.  Duh.  

If you are a blockchain/crypto enthusiast, you should appreciate the Russian programmers’ skillsets and contributions to our community.  I for one, do. 
St Petersburg is definitely on my travel bucketlist. 

Original Article Here

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