As previously written, we are big believers in the future of NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) and especially the role they can play in sport.  I’ve been watching the tokenization scene a bit as headlines pop up around European Football (soccer) teams launching their own coins

I’ve tried following the value prop for fans (via various articles) but nothing written has really hit me as ‘innovative’ or ‘game changing’ in terms of what the fans get by buying these tokens.  Involvement in minor decisions?  That seems too vague IMO.  And after reading this article, it looks like that synopsis is indeed happening, as fans appear to be pushing back.  With all that said, I absolutely think there are innovations out there, yet to be seen, by class sports marketers that understand ‘tokenizing’ something has to be exclusive and create a basic supply/demand dynamic that causes the tokens to go up in value.  I’m sure its not that simple, or is it? 

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